Fundraising Whisperer

Fundraising Whisperer

Australia’s Fundraising Whisperer

Author • Mentor • Presenter

A recovering lawyer, Mandy Weidmann is regarded as one of Australia’s leading authorities on fundraising for schools, clubs and community groups. As an author, blogger, presenter, trainer and mentor she helps over a quarter of a million Australian volunteers each year reach their fundraising goals. With 5 children spanning from babies to high school, Mandy has been personally involved in community fundraising for more than 15 years.  Lucky she loves it!

Mandy, as the owner and editor of the Fundraising Directory, is also known as Australia’s ‘Fundraising Whisperer’. She has authored ‘The Practical Fundraising Handbook for school and club volunteers’ and is invited to speak regularly at State and National Parent Association Conferences. She is the resident Fundraising Expert for several print and online publications and writes weekly fundraising tips for her audience of 25,000 subscribers and 15,000 Facebook fans.

It has been 10 years since Mandy established the Fundraising Directory alongside good friend Helen Creswick (you can read the Fundraising Directory Story here). Over the years it has become Australia’s #1 fundraising and event resources for schools, clubs and community groups. It was always Mandy’s intention to develop the Fundraising Directory as a social enterprise.  A passionate advocate for volunteers, Mandy is dedicated and driven to help and support those who are always the first to put their hand to help others – volunteers.

Mandy’s creativity is one of her greatest assets. She has the innate ability to develop new ideas, thoughts and solutions quickly and with abundance, which in her role as the Fundraising Whisperer has her in great demand. Mandy’s many years of volunteering and fundraising experience, coupled with her honesty and a quick wit enables her to impart wisdom generously in an entertaining and engaging manner. Audiences regularly ‘hang around’ after her presentations to purchase her book, ask questions and swap and share fundraising stories.

On a business level, Mandy shines at building and maintaining customer loyalty. She can proudly state that more than 60% of her business comes from advertisers that have either been with her since the beginning (10 years!), or since the client themselves began in business. This is because Mandy genuinely wants the right outcome for everyone she deals with – whether you are an advertiser or a volunteer seeking advice and support.

Mandy appears regularly in various print and online publications including:

  • PTA+ Magazine (UK)
  • Parent Talk (Qld P&C)
  • P&C Voice (WACSSO)
  • Parents Victoria publications

Mandy’s specialties include:

  • Fundraising
  • Fetes
  • Volunteering
  • School fundraising
  • Club fundraising
  • Fundraising ideas

Mandy’s most recent speaking engagements:

  • ACT P&C Seminar, March 2016
  • P&F Qld Fete Forum October 2015
  • ACSSO National P&C Conference September 2015
  • Parents Victoria Conference August 2015
  • WA P&F Association Conference May 2015

Examples of Mandy’s Presentations

  • How Creative Fundraising Connects Communities
  • Sponsorship – Fundraising’s Secret Weapon
  • Partnerships to Build Stronger Communities
  • Building your Fundraising Dream Team: Engaging Volunteers
  • Your Fundraising Strategy: A Simple Guide
  • Grassroots Fundraising Maturity ModelTM: Where do you sit?
  • Fete Forum

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