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Coffee & Tea

A fundraiser selling something that most households consume every day has to be a winner! Some companies supply order forms…

purpose in fundraising
A ‘sense of purpose’ is the key to volunteer engagement and happiness.

A ‘sense of purpose’ is the key to volunteer engagement and happiness.

small hobby horse fundraiser
Hobby Horse Fundraiser

This ‘Hobby Horse’ idea was submitted by Mary from St Pius Catholic School as a part of our ‘Volunteer Stories’ Series.

bunnings sausage sizzle
Bunnings Sausage Sizzles Fundraiser BBQ

The sausage sizzle outside of Bunnings has become an Australian tradition. How does it stack up as a fundraiser?

Christmas Fundraising

Whilst Christmas can be a crazy busy time, what better way to finish of the year than with a celebration (or 2!) and getting your community together for a final fundraiser.

raffle tickets
Australian Raffle Rules

I have researched the raffle rules (and harassed the poor staff where the rules weren’t clear to me) in each State and Territory in Australia. The differences across jurisdictions would knock your socks off!