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Free Tips
Street number
Street Numbers

Visit homes in your local area and offer to paint street numbers on the kerb.

Ice Cream

Hire in an ice cream van to vend ice creams and receive a percentage of sales.

small ten pin bowling fundraiser
Ten Pin Bowling Fundraiser

If you’re tired of the same old fundraisers every year and you’re looking to try something a little different, holding a ten pin bowling fundraiser is a fun way to get your community together and raise some money.

Wine Fundraising Ideas

Wine fundraising – give your members, their families and friends the chance to replenish their cellars while boosting your organisation’s fundraising.

What a P&C really does

What a P&C really does Parents who cringe at the very mention of the term ‘P&C’ probably have never been…

Drawing Competition Idea

A great way to get the kids excited and involved in fete preparations is to have a drawing competition.