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Cake Stall Ideas

Bake Sale, Cake Stall, whatever you call them, they are a popular fete staple.  They are often a good fundraiser…

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How to Run an Outdoor Movie Night

Outdoor movie nights in Australia bring back nostalgic memories of warm evenings, enjoying popcorn and lounging on beanbags while watching a great movie under the stars with your family.

Parent Teacher Association UK – Winter Edition 2015

In part two of PTA’s ‘perfect planning’ series, the Fundraising Whisperer shares her advice for brainstorming ideas and mapping out a fundraising calendar.

Newsletter advertising
Newsletter advertising

Your newsletter readers are a particular demographic; one that some businesses would love to reach through advertising.

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So sorry you couldn’t make it…

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in wanting a sell-out fundraising event, we forget that it’s not all about ‘bums on seats’.

VIP Portal Just One Thing Letter
Just One Thing Letter to Volunteers

The ‘Just One Thing’ Letter encourages families in your community to do their ‘one thing’, and provides a comprehensive list to offer choice as to what that contribution might be