Volunteer Diaries

The Volunteer Diaries, aka ‘How to Not be a B*&% to Volunteers’, is a parody on volunteering in schools and clubs in Australia starring the incomparable Those Two Girls!

I recently ran a poll on my Facebook page: ‘What are the biggest things that *ping* you off about volunteering?’ Boy, did I start a tidal wave of discontent! The top 3 most-liked responses all revolved around complaints coming from people who did not volunteer themselves.

  • When the people who do nothing complain!
  • The people who tell you how it should be done and what should happen but NEVER volunteer to help
  • When they don’t appreciate your efforts and energy and they still complain…

So I had a crazy idea: How funny would it be create a video sendup on this – the possibilities are endless (and hilarious!).

I fangirled (new verb) the amazingly talented and hilarious Those Two Girls and convinced them to take on the project. They brought their creative genius to the table and we got cracking!

Thankfully, most of the time, volunteers are valued and appreciated. For the rare times that you aren’t, make yourself a comforting cup of tea and enjoy these skits…

Episode 1: Soccer Saturday

In the first episode, ‘Soccer Saturday’, our two pretentious soccer mums have nothing nice to say about anyone, especially the volunteers. It all comes good, though, as they see the light!

Episode 2: The New President

In episode 2, ‘The New President’, ‘Joan’ (not her real name lol) discovers a little surprise at the parent committee meeting after she has been to the bathroom.

Episode 3: Bake Sale

In this episode, ‘Bake Sale’, Sarah reorganises her life in response to a desperate cry for volunteers – just to turn up and find she is not needed – oh the pain!!!

Episode 4: Sausage Sizzle

In this episode, ‘Sausage Sizzle’, we recognise some substantial rudeness from the sausage buying public – but it’s all good in the end!

Episode 5: Trash and Treasure

In ‘Trash and Treasure’, we see Lise’s true colours when she discovers her purchase is ‘faulty’