How to make a VIP section at your movie night

Movie night fundraisers, whether indoor or outdoor, are a fun way of building community and raising a few dollars at your school or club. While you can DIY your movie night or hire the experts, having a VIP section is a fun way of rewarding people or raising extra funds.

Why have a VIP section at your school movie night?

A VIP section in your outdoor (or indoor) movie theatre is a great way to raise funds by charging extra, but you can also use it exclusively as a way to reward students or community members for their work during the year, such as raising the most funds during an event, being nominated by their teacher (or classmates) as ‘most improved’, or as raffle or silent auction prize.

What does your VIP section need?

Location location location:

Your VIP section needs to have the best view of the screen (remember this may not necessarily be directly in front of the screen). It should have a private entrance (think red carpet and staunchions and be roped off from the rest of the crowd.



You may wish to provide your VIPs with beanbags, inflatable couches, mattresses, or these great DIY seats from Not Just A Housewife which you could build as a school project one year, and then use them every year. Another unique idea is to fill an inflatable child’s swimming pool with cushions and pillows.

Food and drink:

You will probably be selling snacks, drinks, popcorn and lollies to the general public as part of your movie night, but for VIP guests this either needs to be included in their ticket or they should have something extra, such as a mini Lolly Buffet for their exclusive use, bottomless popcorn, or even access to a refrigerator or freezer for unlimited drinks and ice-creams (borrow a camping freezer or run an extension cord to the nearest power point.)

Butler service:

For an added bonus, VIP guests may have the services of their very own butler to bring them their food and drink request, to fluff their pillows or to give a neck massage while waiting for the movie to start. (This ‘butler’ may or may not be the principal or club president.)

Valet Parking:

If parking is a premium at your movie night or crowds may have to walk long distances, consider setting up a valet parking service for VIPs or use of the staff carpark.

Author: Shannon Meyerkort

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