Trivia Nights

Trivia or Quiz nights are great fundraisers. They are also a lot of fun and more profitable than most other activities. Trivia night questions should be designed so that at least 80 percent of the questions will be answered correctly and should also cover a wide variety of topics thus ensuring everybody will have a rewarding evening. Trivia nights are perfect school fundraising ideas as well as for sporting clubs and kindergartens.

What you need to do

Depending on the amount of people attending you will obviously need to organise a venue which will cater for all of the people comfortably. The venue can be set up in any shape you wish bearing in mind the presenter will need a table at the head or front of the venue ( a small platform or stage is ideal). Teams of no more than 10 people should be encouraged. Small teams (eg: 4 people or less) should be encouraged to join ‘forces’.

A good, reliable P.A. system is required for the evening.

A portable whiteboard is ideal or a laptop and projector screen is even better for the scoring table.

Aim to play at least 3 games played during the course of the evening and a prize needs to be awarded to each winner. The prizes need not be anything extravagant (a bottle of Champagne, a box of Chocolates or a book are some examples).

Award prizes for the teams which come first and second for the evening and again these do not have to be overly extravagant.( a small hamper of goodies or a small trophy per player usually does the trick) Remember, to provide at least one prize per team member. This of course is at your discretion – you may only wish to reward the winning table. The table which comes last could also receive a prize (in good taste of course!).

Another effective means of raising funds is to run a raffle during the course of the evening. This is where, if at all possible, an attractive prize needs to be provided. The bigger the ‘carrot’ the more tickets will be sold. An effective way to run the raffle is to have two separate draws for the evening, leaving the big prize until last of course. The amount of draws will depend on the amount of prizes on offer. Tickets can be sold during the course of the evening.

Trivia companies can organise nights for you or supply you with kits to do it yourself.