Toowoomba’s Mail 16 August 2007

Fundraising survey leads to $5000 cheque

Participating in the largest survey ever conducted into grassroots fundraising in Australia, has landed the Rangeville State School P&C $5000.

Winning this prize was particularly significant in light of the survey results which indicated community support was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. The winning entry was submitted by P&C representative of the school, Vicki Filch who was overjoyed by the win.

‘Fundraising is very worthwhile, but it is hard work. This has made things a lot easier for us,’ she said.

The survey was commissioned by the Fundraising Directory to ascertain the needs, challenges and benefits of grassroots fundraising in Australia.

With more that 1000 respondents, the survey provided an excellent snapshot of fundraising in the education, sporting and charity sectors.

Mandy Stevens from the Fundraising Directory which is a leading resource for fundraising for schools and clubs, said the survey showed there was a feeling among volunteers that the community as a whole, did not appreciate the importance of fundraising or provided the support needed.

‘If the community understood that fundraising is necessary to provide the fundamentals for worthwhile projects, it would make things easier for the volunteers who have to battle for every cent, Mrs Steven said.

The survey highlighted other challenges included obtaining and retaining volunteers, as well as finding fresh, creating fundraising ideas, and how fundraising always seemed to fall to the same small group of dedicated volunteers.

‘On the upside, the survey over-whelmingly reinforced the positive sense of community that is fostered from fundraising.’ Mrs Stevens said ‘It provides an opportunity to socialise, and can give new skills to those involved’.