The Fundraising Group – School Fun Run


It’s parents like YOU who are at the heart of school fundraising. That’s why supporting you, is our single biggest goal. You’ll discover that we’re fully committed to delivering the best experience possible for your community.

That level of care often creates outstanding results. In the last 24 months:

  • Milton Public raised $114,058 to set a new national record for a single School Fun Run.
  • A single student raised $11,012.95 for his school, and
  • We were awarded Fundraising Company of the Year (for the 6th time).

You’ll be trusting us with your school community when you hold a School Fun Run, and we respect that greatly. In fact, it’s been our total privilege to help schools navigate COVID and now it’s time to have some fun… so, why wouldn’t you go with the best for your kids!

Together we’ll boost student wellbeing and school spirit!  We’ll also aim to set new fundraising records for your school in the process.

As the only Fun Run to have schools raising over $100k in single events, we’re very much looking forward to seeing how great we can make this event for you, and your school community, this year!

You’re in safe hands when you work with us! You’ll get your own Fundraising Coach at School Fun Run HQ to make an inspiring fundraising plan for your school and help you every step of the way.

Did you know that in the last two years, our top 10 schools angered $88,223, our top 50 schools averaged $56,450 and our top 100 averaged $45,343. That kind of extra funding leaves you with a real legacy at your school and saves you from having to do multiple fundraisers during the year.

If you would like to know more, free call 1800 FUN RUN or request an information kit at

We look forward to making this the easiest and most profitable fundraiser you have ever held.


Jess Griffiths - St Joseph's School, Balranald NSW 10th May 2016

"The Adidas Fun Run was an overall amazing fundraiser from start to finish. We are a small school of only 52 students but we have fantastic outside support from our families and friends. Every year we try to think of new ways to fundraise, and after reading about the Adidas fun run online my initial thought was “this is too good to be true”. All promotional material is provided for you and you have excellent contacts whenever you need them, you even get your very own coordinator. There are amazing prizes to choose from for each and every student, easy and fun for children to fundraise with the forms all provided and the option to fundraise online with Everyday hero. The Adidas Fun Run was a great fundraising experience for our amazing little school, with very little work involved in the organisation of the day and most importantly no outlay of costs. We were shocked with how much money we raised for so little effort. HIGHLY RECOMMEND and most importantly the children LOVED IT."