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Avalon Public School raises $90,043 in their first ever Fun-Run

Welcome to the FUNDRAISING COMPANY OF THE YEAR (last three years running)… and thank you for your interest in the School Fun-Run.

Fundraising is volunteer driven – and we totally get that!  Our goal is to raise you a heap of money without any of the hard work and risk that fundraising usually comes with.

For example, last year our TOP 100 Schools averaged over $32,000 per School Fun-Run and our TOP 10 all averaged over $63,000 per event! Those outcomes were achieved with no upfront cost or financial risk to the schools whatsoever.

A School Fun-Run also means less work for families and less work for you. That’s because there are no products to buy or sell and most money comes in online. Plus, we’ll issue you a Fundraising Coach to help every step of the way and supply all the material you need.

Your fundraising catchment is also expanded to include networks outside the local area. In fact, you can now receive donations from ALL over the world thanks to our online fundraising system. Last year, our schools raised 80% of their funds ($6.8M) from over 120 countries by doing just that… without a single coin to count!

Did you know that with $91,743 raised in a single Fun-Run, St Pat’s College Strathfield was our highest fundraising school last year? They raised it all with 360 students. This year, we’d love to make you a Fundraising Superstar and help promote student wellbeing at your school.

And here’s the best news. You can hold a School Fun-Run ANYTIME that suits your school. You can link it to your Cross Country or turn the Fun-Run into a special day to celebrate School Spirit!

We currently have some very special bonuses on offer so please contact us today. We’re here to help you.

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Jess Griffiths - St Joseph's School, Balranald NSW 10th May 2016

"The Adidas Fun Run was an overall amazing fundraiser from start to finish. We are a small school of only 52 students but we have fantastic outside support from our families and friends. Every year we try to think of new ways to fundraise, and after reading about the Adidas fun run online my initial thought was “this is too good to be true”. All promotional material is provided for you and you have excellent contacts whenever you need them, you even get your very own coordinator. There are amazing prizes to choose from for each and every student, easy and fun for children to fundraise with the forms all provided and the option to fundraise online with Everyday hero. The Adidas Fun Run was a great fundraising experience for our amazing little school, with very little work involved in the organisation of the day and most importantly no outlay of costs. We were shocked with how much money we raised for so little effort. HIGHLY RECOMMEND and most importantly the children LOVED IT."