Quick Idea: The Anti-Raffle

This is a simple but fun idea that subverts the usual raffle idea. Instead of having a great prize that everyone wants to win, in the anti-raffle you have an embarrassing prize that no one wants.

Everyone is given a free raffle ticket as a condition of entry for another event, such as a quiz or bingo night.

To make as much money as possible, you should have multiple ‘prizes’. The idea is that if someone’s number is drawn, they can pay money to NOT win the prize. The prize is then drawn again, and hopefully, someone else will pay to NOT win the prize.

You can set an amount that the winner has to pay to give the prize back – it might be $5 or $10 depending on your community.

Threatening to videotape or photograph the person receiving the ‘prize’ might also assist in people paying not to win.

Eventually, someone will accept the prize or you decide to stop drawing winners.

Ideas for anti-raffle prizes people might not want to win include:

  • A tin of Spam
  • A $3 bottle of wine
  • Cheap, horrible smelling perfume
  • A huge fake tattoo they have to put on immediately
  • An ugly piece of pottery or art from an Op-shop
  • Physical dares or challenges such as:
    • Line dancing for a whole song
    • Singing the national anthem in front of everyone
    • Pretending to be a fashion model and walking around the room (even better if you can give the winner a pair of stilettos to walk in)
    • An embarrassing hat or wig they need to wear for the whole night

The type of prizes you use will depend on your crowd. This type of subversive raffle works best for internal/private events (such as a parent night, rather than a public event), where most people know each other and everyone is in a good mood. Choose wisely.

Author: Shannon Meyerkort

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