Technology makes fundraising cookbooks a whiz

Cookbook Fundraising

Australians love cookbooks. They’re so much more than a collection of recipes. They add to local history, capture the tastes and trends of a community’s eating and when created as a community fundraiser, whip up a real sense of identity.

In fact, five of the 2014 top 10 non-fiction biggest best sellers at Harper Collins are cookbooks. We’re not promising blockbuster sales—although you never know!—but why not stir up your fundraising mix and create your own cookbook? With technology, it has never been simpler.

Leading fundraising cookbook publisher Suzanne Wilson from Published Authors has learned a thing or two about cookbook fundraising, having now published over 65,000 recipes in gorgeous cookbooks for a huge number of schools, clubs, kindergartens and community groups.

Published Authors has used technology to offer a 3-step process:

  1. Recipes are submitted online direct to Published Authors.
  2. Your school or group chooses from a range of sizes, design styles and photos, leaving the layout and printing to Published Authors.
  3. You see the proof and, once signed off, your cookbook fundraiser is printed and delivered.

Getting started with your Cookbook Fundraiser
Put a bit of thought into why your group wants a cookbook now. Will this link with a commemorative event perhaps? The big book publishers say cookbooks that sales-wise ‘take the cake’ so to speak typically are linked to a celebrity or promise recipes that are ‘fast’, ‘fresh’, ‘easy’ or ‘favourites’. No wonder Jamie Oliver’s 30-Minute Meals (and follow up cookbooks) was such a hit!

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Every family in your school or group has their own undiscovered king or queen of the kitchen with at least one tastebud pleaser.

Put the call-out for families and friends to supply recipes. Companies like Published Authors even supply the promotional material. At the same time, start the sales campaign. You want pre-sales.

Recipes are submitted using a simple online template and Published Authors does all the collating. That frees up volunteer time retyping and organising submissions. Make sure you get your budding chefs to submit photos of the person cooking – an image capturing a child cooking the recipe for a Day Care cookbook fundraiser will surely mean grandparent “need” the cookbook as well.

Taking care of design
This part is a no-brainer. Graphic designers have developed a range of cookbook templates allowing you to personalise your ‘look’ while ensuring the professional finish that comes with consistent styles and formatting.

Tip for rising profits
Consider inclusion of local business sponsorship and you could cover the full cost of your cookbooks – meaning every dollar earned from the sale is pure profit!

Published Authors will send you a sample cookbook if you are interested in exploring this option for your group. Click the ‘Request Information’ button on their information page here.