30+ Teacher puns – for end of year gifts

Throughout the year I have been compiling cute little puns and statements that appear on teacher appreciation gifts. These are easy to make into cards or gifts for the special teacher (or coach or mentor or teacher’s assistant) who has been a big part of your child’s year at school.

And by changing the word ‘teacher’ to ‘mum’ or ‘dad’, many of these cute lines are also perfect for Mother’s and Father’s day cards and gifts.

Thank you for pushing me to do my best (push pins/fancy thumb tacks)

I am so lucky to have a teacher like you (lotto tickets, scratch’n’win)

Thank you for making my year so bright (highlighters)

Thanks for giving me a hand (hand cream or fancy handwash, manicure voucher)

Thanks for feeding my mind (food gift hamper/voucher for restaurant)

You are the key to my success (key ring, lanyard)

You are a toe-tally awesome teacher (nail polish/pedicure voucher)

Thank you for being tote-ally awesome (tote bag/shopping bag)

Thank you for helping me grow

Thank you for helping me grow (plant/seeds)

Thank you for helping me blossom (flowers)

You are out of this world, the best teacher (Mars Bars and Milky Ways, Galaxy chocolate)

Thank you for being a scent-sational teacher (perfume, roses, perfumed hand cream)

It all adds up – you are the best (calculator)

From my calculations, you are the best teacher (calculator)

I donut know what I would do without a teacher like you (donuts)

I donut what I will do next year without you (donut)

No other teacher holds a candle to you (candle)

Thank you for making me one smart cookie (fancy cookies, baking hamper, cookie mix in a mason jar)

Thanks for all the time the spent with me (clock, diary, watch)

Thank you for being a mint teacher (mint-flavoured items)

Thank you for your commit-mint (mint flavoured items)

Thanks a bunch for being a great teacher (bunch of flowers)

Owl miss you (owl themed gift, drawing)

You are such a POP-ular teacher (popcorn)

You are o-fish-ally the best teacher around (fish-themed gift, perhaps a beautiful notebook with a koi)

Thanks a latte for being an awesome teacher (coffee gift pack, coffee shop gift card)

You are a tea-riffic teacher (teapot, teabags)

You have been the highlight of my year (highlighters)

Hands down you are my favourite teacher (hand cream or fancy handwash, manicure voucher)

A note to say you are a great teacher (notebook, note cards)

You really take the cake (cake, cupcakes, baking hamper, Christmas cake)

You’re the bomb (bath bomb)

You are a star (anything with a star, such as voucher for cinema)

Teachers change the world one child at a time (anything)

What’s your favourite?

Author: Shannon Meyerkort

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