Spotlight on Good360

Alison Covington

Do you ever wonder what happens to the stock in department stores that doesn’t sell? Or superseded items that are replaced by the latest version or an over-supply of seasonal clothing that didn’t sell though because ‘winter was shorter than expected’?

I bet you don’t, as it’s a problem no one in Australia seemed to recognise until 2012 when Alison Covington of Good360 Australia wondered ‘where do the good things go?’

Alison is the type of person who not only asks the question but follows through and does something about it.

We asked Alison a couple of questions starting with why she felt motivated to turn this big question into a national charity that has so far received over $145M worth of brand new goods from businesses and distributed 14,360,007 items to Australians in need.

“I believe a challenge should be so big you don’t know how you’re going to achieve it, meaning you have to learn as you go and ask for help along the way, or it’s not mammoth enough.

Establishing Good360 in Australia has filled the brief and then some. It’s my mission to educate everyone that surplus rescue is more than just food and also that people need more than food hampers during a disaster.  

Australia has done it hard lately, drought, floods, fire and now COVID-19 and our demand has increased by 200%. I’m glad I couldn’t undo knowing there was a huge problem with surplus retail product in Australia that could be solved whilst helping Australians in need at the same time. I’m so glad I did something about it.”

What is Good360?

“Good360 is a matchmaker. We connect the brand-new, surplus goods of business to Australians in need, via a national network of charities and eligible schools. 

So if you’re using the Fundraising Directory, you are potentially eligible to register and receive these products. 

Good360 registration is free, and because it’s spare stock, so are the goods, which are donated by some of Australia’s leading brands including BIG W, Colgate, Woolworths and Harvey Norman. You just pay a small shipping and handling cost to get the goods delivered to your door, or Click & Collect fee if you can get to our warehouse in Smithfield NSW. 

For product going to disaster-affected communities including COVID-19, there are no Shipping and Handling fees.”


Originally published 10 September, 2020

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