What should we have at our small school spring fair?

Reader question:

Our small School of 220 is holding our first spring fair for a long time and we are after some advice on what rides to get and how many. Also, we are getting outside stalls and were wondering how many you think we might need?


Here is some advice from our Facebook community on what rides and stalls to run at a small school fair:

  • Speak to your rides supplier as they are really knowledgeable and I’ve found that they give good advice. For market stalls, I’d say 20 to see how you go. Make sure that you get a good mix of stalls you don’t want to double up if possible.
  • Limit those numbers of outside food vendors.
  • Plan for wet weather.
  • See if any local businesses would sponsor rides.
  • Chair-o-plane is a fantastic ride for all ages.
  • See what help your local members can help with – printing and delivery of flyers.
  • We had a car show and had each class in charge of a stall (with teachers permission so ask them first), then we had parents from each class sign up to a roster. My daughters class had the cake stall, parents from the whole school baked and 3-4 parents to run the stall. Other stalls were ‘lob a choc’, sponge a teacher etc
  • Our school had around 150 students last year when we had our last fete. We had a bouncy castle and bumper cars, as that’s all we had space for. We could only have 20 market stalls, due to space restrictions as well. We probably would have had more of both if we had more space.

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