School Run 4 Fun Colour Explosion


We’re creating so much fun and money for schools

Australian Fundraising is Australia’s No.1 school fun run supplier, achieved through outstanding customer service, great value, high profits and attention to detail. We were proud to be named the Fundraising Directory’s 2018 BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD WINNER.

In 2018, over 950 Australian schools put their faith in using our school fun run programs and we didn’t let them down! We raised in excess of $12 million. A New South Wales public school raised $65,759 with only 278 students – that’s an average of $229 per student.

Our comprehensive range of fundraising materials for our School Colour Explosion™ and School Run4Fun standard fun run programs ensure great success whilst putting the FUN back into fundraising.

The School Colour Explosion™ program is a high impact fundraiser. It’s a traditional run with a fun and colourful twist. Students will be drenched in non-toxic colour powder by the time they reach the finish line. It’s the colour craze sweeping the nation™ and the number 1 School Colour Event in Australia. Your students receive four major accessories and event materials compared to only one offered by other suppliers.

The School Run4Fun standard fun run program is the go-to option when schools are not able to run the School Colour Explosion™ program. It’s flexible and can be run anytime throughout the year – cross country carnivals, athletics carnival, walk-a-thons, lap-a-thons and fun runs are the most popular. Schools make a high cash profit of up to 70% compared to only 60% with other suppliers. 

In 2019 we have our biggest upgrades EVER!

  • We’re giving away $200,000 of FREE Student Sponsorship Donations. On each student sponsorship form there will be a unique code, once entered online they will be notified if they’re an instant winner. This will significantly increase the number of families registering for online fundraising which will increase the funds raised for your school.
  • More Holi Colour Powder: We’ve substantially increased the amount of colour powder we supply with our School Colour Explosion™ Fundraiser. Now valued at over $2 per student which is all inclusive in your costs. Big smiles, big colours and big profits!
  • New incentive prizes – tested with students for their popularity
  • Upgraded cyber-secure online fundraising platform – your student’s identity is safe & secure!
  • New Ultimate Student Fun Run Pack – exclusive to Australian Fundraising and an industry first, each student will receive a pair of high quality UV400 sunglasses, rainbow headband, rainbow sweatband and a Berri Quelch Fruit Juice Stick. Valued at over $5 per student.
  • Booking Bonus Prizes: The first 200 schools to book one our leading school fun run programs will receive fantastic bonus prizes – choose from a huge Start/Finish Banner, Summit Sport Ball Packs, Support Wristbands and free colour powder.

For more information or samples, please contact our office on 1300 133 022 or visit our website,