School Run 4 Fun Colour Explosion

One in every four government primary schools use our services each year – or to put that into perspective, 1,068 schools and over 465,000 students partake in our high energy, fun and colourful fundraiser, the School Colour Explosion Run. 

We will boost school spirits for your whole community and ensure a highly successful and profitable fundraiser at the same time. We provide Australia’s safest Holi colour powder, highest cash profit and the most magical event you will ever see! 

The School Colour Explosion™ Run can be run 100% online, no door knocking and cash handling is required which removes all health risks, and dependent on event restrictions in Term 3 or 4, you could run the event as a whole school or in individual class groups of 30 students.

Our cyber-safe online fundraising platform is the cornerstone of our program. It empowers your student and families to raise the greatest amount of money possible with a safe, positive online experience.

  • Parents can create their children’s fundraising page which can be shared
    to family and friends all over the world
  • We ensure photos of children do not appear online – children can now
    create their own avatar
  • Free online fundraising fees – a massive saving of 6.6%

Receive a huge range of fundraising materials, safe and certified Indian Holi colour powder pre-packed in BPA free bottles, support wristbands, UV400 sunglasses, Colour Explosion™ finale bags, fundraising materials and so much more. No one comes close to what we offer!

Co-ordinators, get kitted out and stand out from the crowd with our new Colour Crew Kits. Each kit includes a rainbow wig, t-shirt, tutu, socks and wheat fibre UV400 sunglasses! Let’s get colourful!

You have the option to select from an incentive prize program or you can go green and replace the prizes with native tree planting in communities throughout Australia. It’s exclusive to Australia Fundraising! 

With every $15 raised through the fundraiser, one native tree (or shrub) will be planted in Australia’s only global biodiversity hotspot, the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. 

This region has an exceptionally high number of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. The biodiversity hotspot label recognises that these plants, animals and ecosystems are at extreme risk of destruction. We’re making a difference and so can you! 

For more information, please contact our office on 1300 133 022, request a free information kit or visit our website,