Rebel for a Cause Day

Fun Fundraising Ideas for School – Breaking all the Rules

Instead of mufty day, why not have a ‘Rebel for a Cause’ or ‘break-the-rules’ day? Pick the rules students are allowed to break and charge a gold coin per rule. All those budding anarchists can get a bit of rebellion out of their system, and your school or club will raise some handy dollars.

We’ve got some ideas of how the kids could thumb their nose at society:

  • Paint their nails
  • Wear their own sneakers, or their favourite sports team jersey
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Hair glitter
  • Loosen restrictions around buying/bringing junk food

We recommend setting a limit for the number of rules that can be broken per student. Also, paying BEFORE the day and keeping a class list means that you’ll know who is a rebel for a cause and who is just plain-old breaking the rules.

This is actually a great opportunity to have the discussion about how important it is to have rules and the role that rules play in society more generally. In listing the rules that you are ‘allowing’ to be broken, you can also reinforce the ‘not negotiables’ and have important conversations about their benefits.

Everyone loves seeing their teachers do something out of the ordinary. Enlist some willing (!) participants and a class of students could pay a fee (say $5) to say what rules the lucky volunteers have to break. The principal in piggy tails, anyone?

Here’s a sneaky little idea for you:  If you’ve got a fete, or another big event coming up, you might be in need of donations for your event (chocolate, tombola items, craft, baking products etc). Give your rebels the option to ‘pay’ with the donation of a wanted item instead of cash. Just make sure you send home a list of the things that you would like donated!

Have any other fun fundraising ideas for schools? Share them with us 😉

Happy Fundraising!
Mandy Weidmann

Author of the Practical Fundraising Handbook for School and Club Volunteers and publisher of the Fundraising Directory


Click here for a downloadable version of our ‘Rebel for Cause’ form template

Attention Parents: Rebel for a Cause

Next Wednesday, ‘X’ date, Unicorn State School will be holding its first ever ‘Rebel for a Cause’ day. Students will be charged a gold coin donation per ‘rule’ they choose to break.

List of ‘rebel’ rules for students:

  1. Having painted fingernails
  2. Wearing a sports team jersey
  3. Wearing hair out/with non-school accessories
  4. Wearing sneakers
  5. Bringing soft drink/lollies as part of lunch

You will also be able to pay $5 to have your teacher break a rule – students can join together to pay this fee.

List of ‘rebel’ rules for teachers:

  1. Wearing hair in a crazy fashion
  2. Wearing a sports team jersey
  3. Having temporary tattoos

The funds raised will go towards [this particular fundraising effort, eg Getting modular furniture in the library

Please select the rule or rules you would like to break and return the form by Tuesday for your child to be allowed to be a ‘Rebel for a Cause’ next Wednesday.



Rule/s to be broken:

Rule/s for teacher to break:

Total donation:

Parent signature:


Originally published 8 March, 2017

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