Quick Easter Fundraising Ideas

Easter isn’t typically a cause for fundraising, but many schools hold a festive event prior to the long weekend. Here are some simple Easter ideas for your next event – you can have them simply as a community event, or add a gold-coin donation requirement to help raise some money.


In the tradition of lapathons and readathons – why not hold a bouncathon – where kids are sponsored for every ‘Easter Bunny Bounce’ they do. It’s more fun for the kids if you hire a bouncy castle for the afternoon, but half a dozen of those mini-trampolines would work as well. Allocate each class an hour, and with six kids bouncing at a time for one minute, you count the number of bounces they can do [parental help required]. Collect their sponsorship money based on the total number of bonces they do in their allocated time [do some careful guesstimation to find out how many bounces are possible so you don’t end up costing parents hundreds of dollars, and suggest a range of 1-5 cents a bounce depending on how long each child will have to bounce].

Easter lunchtime or after school movie

For a gold coin donation, invite kids to watch an Easter themed movie in the library or undercover area. Selling small bags of popcorn with some Easter Eggs mixed in will also be a popular way to make a few extra dollars. Suitable Easter movies include: Hop and Rise of the Guardians.

Egg races

There are a number of fun games for kids that involve eggs such as the egg-and-spoon race and egg rolling. For older kids you can have traditional ball games but use an egg instead, such as tunnel ball and the star relay. You can use the traditional hard boiled eggs, or use chocolate eggs for extra fun.

Easter Bonnet Parade

Growing up, I remember sitting on the bitumen quad with the rest of my school (no under-cover areas in the 1980s). Each of were dressed in a home-made outfit topped with extraordinary hats – made from Weeties boxes and square icecream containers. The Easter Hat Parade was a favourite school tradition and one that all kids enjoy.

Easter Hampers

Selling raffle hampers is a tried and true way to raise funds – but don’t just limit yourself to a basket full of eggs. The kids may love it but the parents of the winner certainly won’t. With Easter often falling near or in the Term 1 school holidays, why not make a Craft hamper (with a few Easter Eggs for show) so that kids will have a basket full of activities to do during the school holidays. Promote to parents and see how quickly you sell all your tickets.

Easter breakfast or morning tea for families

Whether you hold a BYO event or have it catered by your school canteen (or P&C committee) a family breakfast or morning tea could easily be combine with some of the other Easter ideas here. Suggestions include hard boiled eggs, pancakes, mini carrot muffins, hot cross buns and mini quiche.

Easter Disco

If your school holds regular discos, why not mix it up with an Easter theme. You can ask kids to wear rabbit ears (or sell them, or have a craft corner to make them) and have dancing competitions during the disco where kids have to hop like a bunny for the whole song.

Guessing Competitions

This one is definitely a fundraiser – and kids will love it. Guess how many mini Easter Eggs are in the jar. Make it harder by mixing small solid foil wrapped eggs with candy-coated eggs. Charge 50c to $1 for each guess and get the principal to announce the winner at the last assembly before Good Friday.

If your school isn’t keen on too much chocolate ask one of the parents to make an enormous carrot cake, beautifully decorated with cream cheese icing and a few Easter Eggs. Ask kids (and parents and teachers) to guess the weight of the cake.

Easter themed temporary tattoos

Sell Easter themed temporary tattoos at your Easter fete or festival. Simply search for ‘Easter tattoo’ on ebay or find them at your local $2 shop.

Author: Shannon Meyerkort

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