The Primary School Fundraising Guide

Welcome to Primary School Fundraising!

I have some very good news to share. Primary school years are the prime time for… fundraising! It’s as though all the planets are aligned and because of this divine state of being, good things happen.

Why is fundraising at Primary Schools so successful?

  1. Label something as improving a child’s educational outcomes and parents will be right behind the project. We want what’s best for our kids.
  2. Children love seeing mum and dad involved. It makes them feel really special and loved.
  3. Primary school kids are old enough to be involved in some fundraising and they get a kick out of it. The older ones can even take on a little responsibility. They learn valuable lessons like leadership and the importance of ‘giving’.

Of course the Fundraising Directory makes it so much easier for you to make a success out of your school fundraising efforts.  How?

  1. The Fundraising Directory has done the hard work of sourcing reliable and proven products you can trust. Some products are old-favourites; others are ‘hot’ right now. Explore our directory listings (or click the random 20 button!) for some great ideas.
  2. I share my own secrets to success – fundraising for my own children’s school for more than five years – and draw on the experience of hundreds of other parents who provide feedback through the Fundraising Directory Facebook community.
  3. The Primary School Fundraising Guide teases out some of the issues and opportunities that you – as primary school fundraisers – may face.  If you’re experienced in fundraising, consider this manual a ready-reckoner, refreshing your own experience and bringing new ideas to the fore.  If you’re new to fundraising – welcome aboard! It’s hugely rewarding and while it does take some effort (I’d be lying if I said it didn’t!), a well-motivated fundraising committee armed with this info is on the way to enjoying the success of being cashed up for a cause.  Put the Fun back in Fundraising and don’t lose sight of why you put your hand up to be involved: our kids are worth the effort!

For these few years, you can genuinely enjoy ‘family’ activities!

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