Should we have a petting zoo at our next Fete?

 Reader question:

We are considering having a petting zoo at our next Fete. Please share your thoughts and any past issues you encountered?


Here is some advice from our Facebook community on having a petting zoo at a fete:

  • We do it. It’s good for the smaller kids.
  • We do it… We have an area in our early year’s playground with a petting zoo, toddler jump castle etc. It is very popular with the little ones.
  • We charge for entry to recoup the cost of having them there and make a small profit.
  • We pay $450 for 9am to 3pm. We provide shade, water etc. we have hand sanitizer for kids and do a gold coin entry. We have run it as a loss every year. This year we are doing a reptile show instead. Something different.
  • We looked into it but the upfront cost was more than we thought we would get back, so we didn’t go ahead. The school has had pony rides in the past, but they ran at a loss.
  • We invite a wildlife rescue group to bring their animals – at no cost to us. They use it as a fundraising opportunity
  • We have a local vet happy to sponsor the Kindy farm area and have their marquee next to it. It is so popular with young kids!
  • We aren’t doing it this year. Instead we contacted Vision Australia and they are bringing their ambassador dog. The idea was to help make children aware and understand how to be around blind people.
  • We are also having wildlife HQ who bring and allow children to hold koalas/ or other creatures.
    If they want to hold the animals there is a small fee but Mum and Dad can take as many photos as they like .

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Originally published 13 November, 2019

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