How does your P&C manage bookkeeping and inventory?

Reader question:

How does you manage your P&C bookkeeping and inventory? Handwritten books, Excel spreadsheets, pay a bookkeeper, accounting software – if so which software?

Here are some suggestions from our Facebook community on how to manage your P&C bookkeeping:

  • If you are in Qld and a state school, check with P&C Qld as the Dept has rules especially if you’re looking for a cloud-based system. The data has to be stored in Australia and not overseas. Xero is definitely off the list, but MYOB is ok and Reckon’s cloud-based system has data in Australia. We use Reckon desktop based for inventory & accounts. 
  • Volunteer Treasurer is an accountant & we use QBO for that side. I voluntarily run the uniform shop (also an Accountant) and currently use MYOB retail (old desktop version) and excel spreadsheets for inventory/stocktake purposes.
  • As treasurer at a school with 300 students, we jumped on midway last year to Quickbooks. I use MYOB for another role but found Quickbooks really easy to use and cheaper than the alternatives. It doesn’t make things any easier just more organised.
  • I second Quickbooks. Really easy to use and I don’t have an accounting background. We too have a payroll for the canteen so it depends how complicated it is.
  • 4 other readers also commented suggesting to use MYOB.
  • 2 more readers also commented and suggested using Xero.

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Originally published 20 October, 2018

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