Oxfam Walk Against Want

 Oxfam Walk Against Want

Thousands of people all over Australia have participated in Oxfam Walk Against Want since it began 48 years ago. Organised by some of Oxfam’s incredible volunteers, the walks are diverse and can range from 5km to 45km in distance.

Walk Against Want originally began to raise awareness for women living in poverty who walk long distances each day to collect clean water. It has since become one of our most successful fundraising events.

Walk Against Want is a fun way to educate students on the importance of social justice. The walk also involves them in the planning and promotion of, and participation in, activities that support Oxfam Australia’s work.

We provide schools with a manual that offers a practical guide to help students run their Walk Against Want. The manual gives teachers the information they need to educate students about Oxfam Australia’s work. The information is adaptable for students from upper-primary to year 12.

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