How to Run a Successful School Disco

Don’t kids just have the BEST time at a school disco! It can be a little overwhelming – the thought of a lot of over-excited small people in the one place at the one time…

Don’t panic! We help you break it down into small steps!

A school disco is also an important opportunity for parents to connect with each other – as we wait (hopefully with a coffee in our hands!) for our little darlings to wear themselves out on the dance floor.

Best of luck organising your disco, and don’t hesitate to reach out if we’ve forgotten anything or if you have a brilliant idea to add!

Organising a School Disco

  1. Consider Timing

  2. Fire Safety

    It may not be very sexy, but this must be a key factor in how you go about organising your event.

  3. Personal Safety

    Again, not overly sexy, but having a plan to keep track of and monitor students is another factor that needs to be at the very top of your to-do list

  4. Themes

  5. Logistics

    This includes an event checklist, a template for which we have kindly provided you with below!

  6. Organising Games

  7. Organise any additional fundraising


  • Set a date and Book a good DJ well in advance, especially for busy periods such as Christmas.
  • Look for dates that don’t clash with other school events to maximise attendance.
  • Actively Plan 4-6 weeks in advance.
  • Schedule volunteers in advance to ensure maximum participation.

Fire Safety

  • Check the fire safety limits of your venue before hosting the event.
  • Make sure someone knowledgeable about the venue’s fire evacuation procedure is present at the event.
  • Make any required announcements about fire safety procedures.

People Safety

  • Sell tickets in advance and keep a list of attending students to prevent gatecrashers.
  • Consider implementing a sign-in/sign-out system.
  • Have a couple of parents on standby for added security.
  • Roster parents to roam any known ‘hidden hangouts’
  • Limit entry points to one or two locations to prevent students from wandering around.


  • Choosing a theme can create more atmosphere for the event.
  • Consider seasonal themes or fancy dress themes like the ’70s or ’80s.
  • Speak to your DJ about incorporating music in line with your chosen theme.


  • Split the disco into two time slots for different age groups.
  • Provide supervision for siblings attending the event.
  • Consider hosting separate primary school and high school discos for larger schools.
  • Take a break in between to clean up and avoid traffic congestion.
  • Check if a blue card is required for your DJ and make sure they have public liability insurance.


  • Limit the number of games to three or four.
  • Encourage parents to participate.
  • Consider games like statues, corners, limbo, and dance-offs.
  • Discuss with your DJ if they can run the games.

Add-on Fundraising

  • Make it a sponsored event! Check out Glowtastic Disco Party.
  • Offer temporary tattoos, face painting, glow products, crazy hair spray, or photo booths.
  • Consider selling a ‘meal deal‘ ticket that includes entry and a snack.
  • Make catering arrangements in advance.
  • Keep food options easy and quick to prepare.
  • Consider selling snacks and drinks to parents as well.
  • Use the event to connect with local businesses for donations.

School Disco Organiser Checklist

Six weeks before:

  • Book the venue and DJ.
  • Choose a theme.
  • Sign up volunteers.
  • Announce the event to parents.
  • Order/buy necessary items.

One month before:

  • Promote the event.
  • Sell tickets in advance.
  • Create letters for parents.

One to two weeks before:

  • Process reply slips and compile a list of attending children.
  • Confirm adult:child ratios and volunteer roles.
  • Check song requests for appropriateness.

On the day:

  • Set up the venue.
  • Offer face painting and party games.
  • Register children when they arrive and leave.
  • Enlist volunteers to encourage shy dancers.

Tips and advice:

  • Check for a music license requirement.
  • Sell glow products and run a tuckshop to increase profits.
  • Ensure proper safeguarding measures.
  • Price tickets according to costs and what is included.
  • Consider offering hot food and drinks, a raffle, or glow bracelets.
  • Use a class list instead of paper tickets.
  • Keep the event simple and enjoyable for children.
  • Consider using UV face and body paint for a unique twist on face painting.
  • Sell sweets, crisps, and homemade cakes to make a profit.
  • Include glow products in ticket prices.

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