Quick Fundraising Ideas – The One Minute Treasure Hunt

The One Minute Treasure Hunt is a simple and fun game to raise extra money during Quiz Nights that allow people a quick break between rounds.

Tables must compete as a group – and pay a fee to participate (ie. $5 a table, or $1 per person).

Call out or display on a screen the items that must be collected (such as a pair of sunglasses, a Visa card, a library card, a coin made in the year 2000, a blue comb, a red lipstick, a button, a photo with three kids in it etc. You can be creative with your list but it must be achievable).

The first table to bring all the items to the front are the winners.

The prize can be something that has been donated (remember that it must be shared amongst all the players on the table, scratch and win tickets are a good table prize) or they can receive half of the money raised by the Treasure Hunt Entry Fee.

Author: Shannon Meyerkort

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