Newsletter advertising

Newsletters are one of the main ways schools, clubs and organisations communicate with their community and members on a regular basis and they can provide a convenient source of local information and services.  Your newsletter readers are a particular demographic; one that some businesses would love to reach.  Why not consider selling advertising for your school, club or organisations newsletter to help local businesses reach their target market and also help build your bank account at the same time.

Some schools offer advertising on the last couple of pages of their newsletter, providing a unique opportunity for businesses to advertise to a captive audience of students, parents and family members in your local community.   With the introduction of digital newsletters, delivery is guaranteed and readership is often increased and this can provide local business with a cost effective alternative for their advertising.  Weekly or fortnightly publications mean that your advertisers will gain regular exposure to potential customers.  Encourage them to take on long-term bookings as the more often they are seen, the more they are remembered.  You can create incentives for these long-term bookings and also for members of your organisation by offering discounts.  Newsletter advertising also presents a great benefit for companies that sponsor your events.