Lucky Straws

Volunteer Stories – Lucky Straws

This ‘Lucky Straws’ idea was submitted by Janet from DC North East Blaze Netball Club as a part of our ‘Volunteer Stories’ Series.  We are committed to saving school and club volunteers from having to “reinvent the wheel” all of the time and this series aims to do that by sharing real life stories from other volunteers. If you have an idea to share (good or bad, small or huge), we would be most grateful if you would submit it here.

Organisation: DC North East Blaze Netball Club

Submitted by: Janet


It’s like a raffle but participants don’t have to wait until the end of the day/night to see if they are a winner. They can pull their raffle ticket out of the straw to reveal straight away.

The top 3 things about this idea or event

  1. If you win straight away you feel ‘lucky’ and keep coming back to try again.
  2. If you don’t win you say, ‘ooh, I was close!’ (black 48 was a winner and I was black 46/ I was orange 48 etc) and come back to try again
  3. Prizes don’t have to be ‘major’. Movie tickets, $20 vouchers are often favourites.

The one thing you would have done differently

We sell them for $1 each so it’s just loose change but some sell them for $2 to raise double the funds!

Additional Comments

Can be a little time consuming , but my mum just gave up one night to roll the raffle tickets and put them into halved straws. We ended up with 1200 tickets!

DC North East Blaze Netball Club | Fact File

Number of students/members: 40

Age range of students/members: 15-35

Number of active committee members: 8

Total fundraising income for the year: $14,200

What other fundraising activities do you do throughout the year?

  • We’re a netball club – we run a tournament and a netball clinic
  • Hold a movie night
  • Trivia night.

What are the previous purchases you have made with your fundraising proceeds?

  • Equipment
  • Reduced costs for players

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