Can anyone suggest any ideas for lolly stall alternatives?

Reader question:

I’d love to hear if anyone has any ideas for lolly stall alternatives that are easy to set up, easy to run, will be popular and most importantly, hopefully profitable!

Here are some reader ideas for lolly stall alternatives:

  • What about a jar stall? Parents fill a jar with goodies, can be anything a child would like, then sell the jar at the fete. No cost to set up as everything is donated, meaning 100% profit.
  • Or you put one half of a raffle ticket on each jar then the other half in a box to draw out. Customers buy a ticket & get the jar that matches the ticket they draw out.
  • The filled jar could be a layered cookie or cake ingredient jar!
  • Chupa Chup lolly lucky dip raffle. Insert the Chupa chub lollies into covered boxes. Patron chooses the Chupa Chup with a chance to win a prize or just get the lolly
  • This is a great idea – A homemade Claw game. We have done this the last few years and it’s very popular! You can fill the decorated big box with soft toys, lucky dips or whatever. We have always done soft toys and kids love using the gripper and everyone gets a prize! You can get soft toy donations from school families and wider communities.
  • Cake stall is always good but lob-a-choc was a hit at our school. We just got donated bags of chocolate or $1 medium size choc. The class with the most donated got a free dress day!
  • You could try threading lollies onto a skewer, that worked at our day. Think it was $1 for 8-10 lollies on the stick. The other ‘healthier’ option would be threading pieces of fruit onto the stick. Kids make their own choices on what to thread on, lolly or fruit.
  • Not sure what age group (primary/secondary?) but Pinterest has a heap of these type of ideas under party favors and Lolly stall candy favors boards, maybe pick a theme?

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Originally published 11 August, 2018

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