Fundraising Liquor Licensing in South Australia

Fundraising Events Involving Alcohol in South Australia

Updated: 1 February 2016

Whether you’re serving pinot noir as part of a sit-down dinner, or selling stubbies at a BBQ, two things are  certain – alcohol can be a pretty effective fundraiser, and you’ll probably need a licence to sell it. We’ve summarised the basics.

A note of caution: this article is intended only as a general guide. While the information provided is correct, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of publication, we strongly advise anyone who is planning to sell alcohol to seek the advice of the regulating authority below.

Licensing Authority: Licensing and Registration, Consumer Business services, Attorney-General’s Department

Limited one-off Liquor Licences

For one-off functions and events in South Australia where alcohol will be sold,  you must apply for a limited licence. This includes private venues and/or where guests pay a cover charge and alcohol is provided.

You can apply online or download the form.


  • CBS may require more information about your application. Some of the information they may ask for includes: Council consent and landlord’s approval in writing, views of the local police, a sketch plan outlining the area for the event, number of toilets to be provided, type of entertainment proposed, details of public liability insurance, details of any licensed security to be employed. See the CBS page on limited one-off licences for more details.
  • The application should be accompanied by the fees and any documentation the CBS requires (we recommend checking with the CBS before you apply).
  • Application lodgement times: at least 14 days before for small events and at least 60 days before large events. Late applications attract fees and there’s no guarantee the application will be accepted.
  • Fees vary according to the size of the event and the organisation running it. Charitable/community events and organisations may have their fees waived.
  • See the South Australian Consumer and Business Services website for more details, conditions, FAQs and advice.

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