Here is the now-famous ‘Just One Thing’ letter originally sent in by a volunteer in the Fundraising Directory family. We since learned that it is likely to have been first created by the ever-fabulous Carmel Nash from the Queensland P&F Association. Well done Carmel!!!

The ‘Just One Thing’ Letter encourages families in your community to do their ‘one thing’, and provides a comprehensive list to offer choice as to what that contribution might be. Great idea, and you are free to take it and customise it for your own purposes.

A downloadable/ editable version of this document lives within our VIP Portal for you to freely use, so click here to join 🙂

“Just One Thing”

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends

You are invited to participate in our “Just One Thing” campaign for [INSERT YEAR HERE]. We hope to build on the success we had in [INSERT LAST YEAR], and give all (school name) families a chance to be involved in our school community. We would especially encourage families which are new to the area to get involved. Volunteering at the College is a great way to meet people and make friends.

We have over XXX families attending (school name), over 100 of them new to the College this year, and we would be grateful if every family would nominate to do “just one thing” throughout the year. Apart from building up our community, a successful campaign will make a significant contribution to our College’s financial position, and help to keep our school fees as low as possible.

Below and on the next page is a list of “Things” that we would appreciate your assistance with. Please tick just one box (or more if you wish) and place your contact details at the bottom of the page. Please return to the office as soon as possible, so that we can collate the responses, and when the time comes someone from the school or P&F will be in contact with you regarding your participation.

Last year’s list will not be carried over, so please fill in this form if you are available to help, even if you filled in a form last year.

Yours Sincerely,

President – Parents and Friends Association College Principal


  • Attend Parents and Friends Meetings (2nd Tues of the month, 7pm,  Library)
  • Attend School Board Meetings (fourth Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm-8:30pm)
  • Attend Finance Committee Meetings (once per term 5:30pm-6:30pm)



  • Assist with the annual book fair


  • Help in the Tuckshop
  • Participate in Cake Roster

Vocational program

  • I can offer a student work experience
  • I can offer a student school-based training


  • I have a skill, hobby or interest that I can share with classes as part of their Integrated Curriculum or Pastoral Care units

Sports and Swimming Days

  • Assist with Sporting Carnivals and Activities

Improving our Grounds

  • Participate in a working bee – usually conducted once per year on a Saturday morning
  • Participate in special projects such as paving, tree planting, etc. (assisting groundsmen)

School Events 

  • Help cook BBQ Help serve soft drinks, chips, tea, coffee etc.


Fundraising /Social Committee

  • Help investigate and organise new fundraising opportunities and social events.

Spring Fair

Held in October – our major fundraiser and a great community event (we have a fair convenor)

  • Class parent representative to work with the teacher to organise a class stall. Class_____________
  • Member of Spring Fair Organising Committee
  • Assist in the organisation of a stall at the Spring Fair (working with Spring Fair Convenor)


A monster raffle with over 35 prizes run in conjunction with the Spring Fair

  • Dodger Coordinator – responsible for the organisation of the raffle, prizes etc
  • Member of Dodger Committee – assist with ticket issue, counting of monies etc

Chocolate Drive

  • Chocolate Drive Coordinator
  • Assist with issuing and collecting chocolates, counting of monies etc

General Fundraising Activities

  • Assist with the organisation of raffles (Easter, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Christmas)
  • Member of Race Day Organising Committee
  • Member of Quiz Night Organising Committee
  • Member of the Mother’s Day Craft Stall Committee (help make crafts and sell on the day)

Other ways I would like to assist include   ____________________________________________________

Contact Details

Family Name:_______________________________ Parent Names:_________________________________

Eldest child’s name:____________________________________________ Class:____________________

Other Child/ren at School


Home Phone:_______________________________ Mobile Phone:_________________________________

Work Phone:________________________________ Email *:______________________________________

* Email addresses will only be used within the school community to organise events, but if you have any privacy concerns, please leave this blank.

Originally published 2 March, 2018

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