It’s fete day showtime!

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It’s Fete Day Showtime!

The day of your fete has arrived! It’s Showtime! For fuss-free preparation, allow plenty of time before gates open.
• Hand out identity badges to all stall holders and fete workers. These can be anything from a proper lanyard with an ID tag to a laminated tag with a hole punched in it, pinned to clothes. Include key contact numbers, such as First Aid, the ‘floating roster’ coordinator and the money collector on the reverse side of the badge.

Convenors need to be easily identifiable: let the theme be your dress guide. Alternatively, have matching shirts printed or wear silly hats.
• Have someone direct traffic to stalls that need to be set up and give people ample time to move their vehicles off the grounds.
• Hand out maps to as many helpers as possible so they can direct outside vendors to their sites.
• Make information available to a trusted group of helpers so that they can assist as many people as possible. This overcomes any one person being overwhelmed by questions demanding answers.
• Do a last-minute check that stall holders have everything they need, and have the mobile phone number of specific
contacts for emergencies.
• Hand your MC a final running list and program guide.
• Schedule money collection throughout the day.
• Breathe — it really is going to be okay.
• Smile: It’s going to be great!

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