Interesting Raffle Prizes

I follow a charity called ‘Mummy’s Wish’. They provide support and care to the mums of young children who have cancer. It’s a great cause and I’ll support them whenever I am able. Mummy’s Wish are running a fantastic raffle, and I think the general idea could form the basis for interesting raffle prizes anyone could use, although maybe scaled back a bit!

The winner of this raffle will receive a $500 dining voucher each month for 12 months which can be used at any of the nominated restaurants AND a $1000 wardrobe from Leina Broughton. I know, amazing right?!

I don’t think that I would be alone in saying that the more I get on in life, the more value I place on experiences rather than things. These type of raffle prizes are perfect for ticking the ‘experience’ box and is the prize that keeps on giving. Well, for 12 months anyway!

One of the main benefits of offering a major raffle prize is that you are spreading the burden of support. You are not asking one single sponsor to donate something substantial enough to make a great single prize. It is not as threatening to approach a potential supporter to ask for 1/12th of a major prize. In addition, they may wish to be seen among the ’12 community leaders’ represented in the prize pool.

As with any prize though, you will need to properly showcase the supporting business. Shout it from the rafters – if you deliver fantastic promotional value, it will be an investment they will not hesitate to make again in the future.

If you are interested in supporting Mummy’s wish, you can click here to view the ways in which you can help.


Your monthly prizes certainly don’t need to be limited to dining, though you might choose to have a common ‘theme’ for the 12 months.  Your raffle prizes could even be as simple 12 month subscription. There are a plethora of subscriptions to choose for magazines, food, wine, chocolate, coffee – all the most important ones 😉 – a box of healthy treats each month, stationery, pet goods, kids craft boxes, men’s grooming products. The list is pretty much endless. Or if you want to try something a little different, there are companies such as Not Another Bill specialise in surprise monthly gifts.

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