Dress Down Days

Dress Down Days or Free Dress Days

All sorts of organisations have ‘dress down day’, ‘free dress day’, ‘mufty day’, or ‘casual Friday’. There a staple fundraiser purely because all the organizers have to do is make sure they get their message out before the day, and remember to collect the money.

There are heaps of variations on the usual idea of paying to come in your clothes of choice. Add a theme e.g. Book Character during Book Week or race goer on Melbourne Cup Day.

Link free dress day to the lead-up of school fete preparations. Children bring a specific item needed for the fete (such as can of drink or cake mix) in exchange for free dress. Children encourage the donations to flow in by wanting to be like their friends, not wearing school uniform.

Workplaces have adopted the dress down day as a charity fundraiser, wearing jeans or a colour or pyjamas, according to charity theming.