Cent Auctions

A retro favourite experiencing resurgence, bidders buy a sheet of same-numbered tickets and place as many tickets as they wish in sealed containers displayed next to the prizes they would like to win. The more tickets entered, the higher the chance of winning.

Cent auctions provide a range of (usually) lower value prizes that are bid for using tickets.

Cent auction tickets are traditionally sold as a sheet of 100 for $1 (hence ‘cent’ auction). Sheets bear the same number and come with a stub that the purchaser retains. The buyer ‘bids’ for desired items by placing as many tickets as they want in a box numbered to correspond with the prize. A ticket is drawn from the box – like a raffle – determining the winner.

Cent auctions typically run throughout an event with progressive draws, starting with a prize of least value, building up to a main prize.

Essentials for cent auction success include:

  • a variety of prizes to suit different tastes
  • well-presented display
  • distribution of a flyer with full details of prizes and approximate draw times
  • an enthusiastic auctioneer
  • regular call-outs by event MC

Maximise attractiveness of ‘lots’ by bundling together items of lesser value and packaging attractively as hampers, baskets or gift boxes. Read our articles on Themed Hampers.

Cent auctions are fun for all ages, and make a fun and profitable addition to fetes or award days.

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