Art shows or fairs are becoming a staple in many school fundraising calendars, but they are not limited to schools alone.  They can work equally well for community groups and clubs too.

Using art as a fundraiser can take many forms. There is the ‘usual’ art fair, where students (and teachers and parents!) can contribute a work of art to auction to raise important funds. The increasingly popular class artwork for schools and kindergartens can create some competitive bidding from parents!

As an added drawcard, find outside artists willing to display their talent and sell their wares at your event in return for a commission – a great option for community groups and clubs or smaller schools. Silent or live auctions can work well, or a combination of both – you may want to choose half a dozen of the best for live auction, and leave the rest as silent.

Increase your fundraising $$’s by running your art fair in conjunction with a coffee cart, sausage sizzle, wine and cheese night or even a cocktail party.

If you want to raise even more funds, a clever extension of this is to also take photos of the artwork and then turn them into giftcards, mugs or calendars. We have a number of suppliers who will turn art works into a wonderful (and functional) keepsake. Check with individual suppliers on their lead time requirements, if you’re considering doing this especially heading towards the end of the year.

Originally published 15 March, 2015

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