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Some of you may have seen the short video clip (it went viral) of the ‘human hungry hungry hippo’. For those who haven’t seen it, it involves humans lying on skateboards holding upside-down laundry baskets. The floor is covered with balls and they are pushed backwards and forwards while they try to trap as many in their baskets as possible. You can view it by clicking the image below.

Human Hungry Hippos “The funnest thing I’ve done in my life” said one of the Scouts.

Posted by Jane Pringle on Wednesday, 11 February 2015

It’s hilarious. Possibly dangerous… I can’t help but wish they were wearing helmets, but then I would describe myself as more of a ‘Captain Insurance’ than a ‘Captain Risk’ 😉

Anyhow, my point is this. People love to ‘get out of themselves’ and have a good laugh. For many people, it doesn’t happen that often. A fundraising event, be it a fete, trivia night or gala evening is a perfect opportunity to weave in some of that magic.

How does a hungry hungry hippo game raise money?

Well… I’m sure the more experienced among you will figure out a way – entry fees, numbering the balls and selling them off, with the last one left ‘untrapped’ being the winner. Even paying to not have to do it (hahaha)!

Working hard to build that fun atmosphere (these things don’t happen by accident!) will have a long-term payoff. The dedicated Fundraising Directory followers out there will already be organising your fundraising drives and events with the next one in mind… We live and learn, test and refine, get bigger and better.

By putting in the effort to weave in some hilarious magic into your events, you are creating a signature event that is marked into everyone’s calendars early the following year. Members of your community will be planning who they can invite along to share in the fun. More people = more raffle tickets + more game fees + greater exposure for sponsors…

Plus, you are doing everyone a favour by bringing some fun into their lives and helping them connect with their community.

Happy fundraising!

Mandy Weidmann

P.S. Have you got any cool fundraising ideas or photos of what you have done? Send us your best and we will publish your story.

Originally published 26 March 2015


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