How to sell more raffle tickets

If you are offering a raffle as part of your next fundraising event, but the raffle is not a major component then consider this tip for quickly selling large quantities of raffle tickets to avoid people ‘forgetting’ to buy them.

Offer packages:

As people are entering the event, have people ready with small bags or envelopes containing raffle tickets. You can choose the number of tickets in each packet, as well as the price based on what the prizes are. For example, if you have several big ticket items up for raffle, you can offer packages of $25 or $50. For smaller raffle hampers, you may offer them in multiple of $5 or $10.

This system works well when the main component of the night is some form of entertainment (such as bingo or a quiz night or performance) where people may get carried away with the event and forget to purchase tickets.

It also avoids the need for people to constantly walk through the crowds selling tickets and disrupting the event. It saves time as people are not fumbling around with raffle books. If you are selling event tickets online, you may even consider adding ‘raffle ticket bundles’ as an add-on option.

Offer a Bonus:

You may choose to add bonuses to some of the packages. This may be extra free tickets, gift vouchers, or a ‘golden ticket’ for an exclusive raffle prize. Make sure you advertise and promote the fact there are bonuses in some of the raffle ticket packages, as this will create excitement and promote sales.

Author: Shannon Meyerkort


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