What can you use to host virtual meetings?

Reader question:

I’m a fundraising coordinator and am looking to do more meetings etc “virtually” as most of our parents work and can’t make it to meetings physically. What sort of programs do you recommend?

Here are some ideas from our Facebook community on how to host virtual meetings:

  • Zoom is fantastic. Let’s those who want to use a camera do so, otherwise you can just listen in and not be seen (for those that are multitasking who don’t want everyone seeing they are also folding laundry!) You can also share documents whilst on the conference which is great if you need to keep conversation momentum going as there’s no need for the “I’ll email these around at the end of the call”
  • We have a fundraising committee Facebook group and have had meetings through that when it has been difficult to arrange a get together.
  • At work, we have a lot of clients who are volunteers in organisations. They use GoTo Webinar as there are options for both video calls and voice only calls, though it does have a fee. I know another association that uses Google Hangouts.
  • The party plan Company I work for uses Zoom for monthly webinars. You can use it on a computer or download an app for phones and tablets.
  • BlueJeans Network – you have the option to call in only, call in on video and use phone, or use computer for video and voice.
  • We have a private Facebook group for our helpers and do most the of chats on there.
  • Skype and Google Hangouts; both free.


We have also put together an article on Virtual volunteering if you’d like to read more on how to provide assistance remotely.


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