Honour Volunteer Poem

‘Freedom’ – a Tribute to a Departing Volunteer

by Mandy Weidmann

Today we are here to celebrate an end
And toast to newfound freedom, for you, our dear friend
You put up your hand at every opportunity
You have come to mean so much to our community

After years of committee life, it’s time to break free
With champagne in one hand and a heart full of glee.
But let us look back to where it all started
The tale of a volunteer – brave and true-hearted

‘We need helpers’ they cried to one and to all
New to the school, you answered the call
You wanted to contribute, to give to a cause
Like a true superstar you were there without pause

If only you knew what you had gotten yourself into
The commitment that was needed in being the ‘go-to’
So much that went on behind the scenes
More than most could imagine in their wildest dreams

No more raffles for you, no more cakes stalls or meetings
No more silent auctions, sponsors, politician’s greetings.
After your tireless service, all of us agree,
you deserve a big rest – how it feels to be free!

Except that ‘Freedom’ for you is not what it seems.
It was never the prize. It was never the dream.
You find freedom in doing, freedom in giving
These things for you are the essence of living.

Today we give thanks to a generous leader
A do-er, a giver, and ever a dreamer
We wish you the best in your future endeavours
Your impact will truly stay with us forever.



This poem is a modified version of a poem I originally wrote as a tribute to our outgoing P&C president, Rebecca White. xMandy