Should we hire an ATM for our 10th Anniversary Fair?

Reader question:

Our 10th Anniversary Fair is in April and we are wanting to offer a cashless option – looking for any feedback on whether to hire an ATM or if Square Up is the way to go. Any other advice would be amazing too in regards to offering a cashless option.

Here is some advice from our Facebook community about whether or not to hire an ATM for your event:

  • ANZ Blades are available to borrow. You will need to become a registered partner but its all free to do and arrange.
  • I’ve been to a fair where you had to purchase tokens. Was a bit of a pain. Queue up for the tokens. Queue up for food. Run out of tokens and have to go queue up again or just stop spending money.
  • We had an ATM and also put the square payment option at our coffee stall but no one really used it! If you have more than one stall you’d have to have various phones/iPads to use which can get really tricky if you have various volunteers throughout the day – training, whose phone etc. We used it for a few big silent auction payments at end of the day but that was it. We have purchased a cheap phone for uniform shop square payments and this has been good and we can now also use this for other one-off events such as trivia night etc.
  • The Square was perfect, easy to use, easy to set up and very reliable.
  • Definitely recommend having an ATM for your Fair!
  • We used ATM2Go they were awesome, $7k was withdrawn at our 10 year celebration!

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Originally published 12 August, 2018

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