Having a drawcard at your event

If you read through your local paper you will notice that weekend events like fetes and carnivals have a lot of things in common. Almost every event has Rides, Showbags, Sausage Sizzles and Cake Stalls because these are essential foundations of all good fetes and festivals.

However if you want more visitors to come, and if you want those visitors to spend their money at your event, then you need a drawcard – something unique that people can’t see every day.


Here are some unique examples

  • In 2008, St Columba’s in Brisbane had the right connections to invite Michael Clarke and his then girlfriend Lara Bingle to their fete, which brought in hundreds of cricket fans as well as attracted substantial media coverage before and after their event.
  • At Melbourne’s North Fitzroy Primary School Fete they hold a concert featuring popular local bands who donate their talents; this attracts around 5,000 visitors which is an impressive effort for a school of only 460 students.
  • In Sydney, Mosman Public School hosts a popular fun run before their Fete which now features the Tony Abbott Challenge. People can buy tickets in a sweepstake (this money goes to charity) but your tickets are only included if you beat Tony Abbott in the fun run…
  • Goondiwindi State School hosts the Gundy State Fantastic Fete which includes the popular Gundy Idol – a talent quest for primary and secondary students.
  • If your football club has a friendly rivalry with another club, challenge them at a game outside your comfort zone.  Soccer? Netball? Trivial Pursuit?  You could also sell different raffle tickets to each team’s supporters,  and have only the winning teams tickets enter the draw.

And you don’t even have to have great connections (or have an athletic local MP) to have a drawcard at your event.


Other drawcard ideas

  • Appearances by local sporting teams
  • Cooking class by a chef from a popular restaurant
  • Offering a bonus raffle prize if the prize winner is present

Have you had or are you having a drawcard at your event? Let us know….


Originally published 30 June, 2011

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