Hats & Caps

Personalised caps and hats are practical and popular fundraisers for many different organisations from pre-schools to sports clubs. Having your child’s name embroidered onto their hat removes all chance of their name being rubbed off or drawn over and ensures they wear their own hat when out in the playground or sports field.

Think beyond lost property: consider embroidered hats as part of commemorations for your organisation’s special event, or a club tour.

Reasons to consider a clothing fundraiser

1. Children grow so fast; buying clothes is a necessity. This option presents a win- win to the family budget and to your group.

2. You can ask grandparents, auntys and others to get involved

3. Who hasn’t got a sock monster in the laundry, gobbling up socks and leaving you with odd numbers?

4. Commemorative events like being in a graduating class – secondary or primary school – or attending a kindy that’s in its 50th year for example gives reason to create souvenir apparel.

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