How do we get volunteers to help on fete day?

Some ideas from our Facebook audience:

  • We set up a roster on which has all the stalls and shifts listed (we found after 5 years of Festivals that even though you need more people, 1 hour slots are optimal – they donn’t sign up for 1 1/2 or 2 hours). We then facebook the link, ask the school to send it to all parents and we keep asking. It sometimes also helps if the convenor for each stall/year level asks other parents in their class/year level directly and fills the spots before we even get the sign up sheet out (then just plug them in once the roster is live). We have always had a huge problem getting helpers to clean up after Festival (which finishes at 9pm on a Saturday night). Last year we specifically asked for a Dad’s Army (Mum’s volunteered their husbands lol) for cleanup and said we needed 20 people. Those 20 went into the draw for a carton of Corona. It was the best $50 we spent. We filled the roster and got the clean up finished in half the time!
  • I’m loving this fb page 👍 we too use
    To ask for volunteers!! We have found an online form is much easier for people to just click on and volunteer!!
  • Yep absolutely agree. Really spelling out what we need volunteers for made a huge difference. They all come out last minute
  • We recently had our school/parish fete. Each year level was in charge of a stall at the fete, eg cake stall, sweet & confectionery, crazy hair, lob-a-choc, snow cone ect. And each class in our school also had a parent rep who spoke to other parents in the class to get goods donated to the relevant stalls. Our teachers were right behind it, sending out email ect for us, which was a great help.
    Some year levels even had there own Facebook pages to keep the parents informed. We had a very successful fete👍🏻
  • Put out a list of what needs to be done and break it up into a roster, you might only need people for half hour blocks for some things. Parents can be at the event and swap and switch with each other instead of feeling they have to miss out on all the fun stuff
  • We are in the middle of ours also. We are doing a few things. Setting up a table at bell time and getting people to sign up to help. Offer a range of shifts 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours. If someone signs up we ask can their partner can they spare an hour or two during the day. Offer free lunch to people that help over x hours. We sent a simple note home and do facebook posts tackling each area that needs help. I find the more specific we are in what area needs filling, the better the take up. If we just put – we need volunteers, we get very minimal response, if we say we have the following shifts in canteen we get a better result.
  • Try asking for volunteers from the local rotary club, scouts or girl guides

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