Fundraising Tip – Stalls – Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas

Fundraising Tip – Stalls

Most schools will run a Mothers Day and Fathers Day stall.  I am a huge fan of these stalls as it gives children ownership of a special gift that they can choose themselves, at a low cost and with great convenience to time poor families.

A trend in recent times is to also run a Christmas stall, giving children the opportunity to spend a small amount of money choosing gifts for their family.

All parents know that it is the excitement on the child’s face that is the true gift, and they just love being able to keep (or let slip!) their little secret.

A couple of little tips that may help you:

  • Get the older students to run a gift-wrapping stall in the lunch time, for a 50c (or whatever you choose) donation.
  • if you have an online uniform shop or canteen, add vouchers to the menu – allowing your families to pre-purchase, for example, a $5 or $10 voucher, making it easier on the day.  The student simply takes their voucher along to the stall.
  • Run shifts during the day, where smaller children can be brought up by their teacher and not trampled in the crowds during meal breaks.
  • Don’t put all the stock out at once – hold back half for a refresh during the day.
  • Keep notes of how much you order, what sells the best and when you run out of certain items.  this will help ENORMOUSLY when it comes time to run the stall again.