Fundraising tip – Skill up with Fundraising Training!

Fundraising Training – ask for it!

If you find that you are missing some key skills within your organisation, or feel that members of your committee would benefit from some additional training or mentoring, add it to your ‘wish list’ for sponsorship. It could be anything from fundraising, sponsorship, social media, PR, strategic planning or bookkeeping.

Attempt to get in touch with a local training organisation and ask them if they would donate any last minute unsold seats. Alternatively there may be a skilled person in your community who would be prepared to run a training session especially for your group.

When one of your members undertakes training, make certain they de-brief the rest of you of what they have learnt so you can either use the knowledge yourself or at the very least know who to turn to if those skills are needed in future.

When seeking sponsorship, always look to see how you can promote/ thank/ benefit the organisation donating the training.

Fundraising professionals are of course available but you can still make a fundraising success without additional expense.