Fundraising Tip – Fashion Swap

School Fundraising Idea – Fashion Swap

If you’re anything like me, there is a good proportion of your wardrobe that is ‘underloved’.  OK, I just made that expression up. Call it what you will, you simply haven’t worn it in a long time and probably won’t in the future. The concept of a Fashion Swap is ideal for smaller groups such as kindergartens or school subcommittees or class groups, but can also be scaled up for larger groups like schools.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Charge an entry fee – an appropriate amount will depend on what’s on offer – $20 is ok if you serve a glass of champers and some nibbles, otherwise $10 if it’s BYO.
  2. Entry allows everyone to bring 3 items of quality clothing. If you like, you can be specific (eg labels only) or you can just trust that people will bring something worth sharing.
  3. Each person receives 3 tokens.
  4. Set up a room with signs for different sizes, and having everyone place their donated items in the appropriate place.
  5. Everyone gets to spend their tokens on 3 ‘new’ items.

An alternative to this format is to have everyone donate 3 items, but only take 2 home – you can then donate the remaining quality items to charity. If you plan this carefully to coincide with an Uber Charity Pick Up (details can be found on their website) it can also save you lots of time and energy getting them into the hands of the charity.

Don’t forget this school fundraising idea could work really well with the teens!

If you are hosting a school fete, you could consider a second hand fashion stall or for a mothers day stall idea too – these work really well and school fundraising dollars have hit the thousands if the clothing is in good shape and of good quality.

Original article published May 15, 2015

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