Fundraising Tip – Engaging your new arrivals

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A new year, whether you are a school, kindergarten, a sporting club or other community organisation, often brings with it ‘fresh blood’.

Rather than waiting until your first fundraising activity to engage with these people, now is the perfect time to welcome them and introduce yourselves, your purpose and goals for the year.

The best way to do this is in person at a welcome event (such as parent-teacher nights or the first club get-together) where one of your representatives stands up briefly. Second best option is in a newsletter. Tell everybody:
– Why you exist (Your purpose – eg ‘To make certain our school has the support it needs to be the best possible place for our children to learn and thrive’)
– What you have achieved in the past (eg we installed electronic whiteboards in all the classrooms, airconditioned the clubhouse, repaired and upgraded the playground)
– What you plan to achieve this year and beyond
– What your fundraising $$ target is to action those plans
– And finally (but very importantly!) what support you will need from every person there in order to make that possible (make it personal and relevant – eg we’ll need everyone to help out for just an hour at one of our Saturday barbeques and to sell one book of raffle tickets to hit our goal this semester.

Another idea that’s an old favourite here at the Fundraising Directory is worth another look too – the ‘Just One Thing’ letter – encouraging every family to nominate that ‘one thing’ they will be able to participate in that year. A great way to start the dialogue with your future volunteers.

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Have a fabulous 2014!!!
Mandy aka The Fundraising Whisperer

Originally published 30 January, 2014

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