Fundraising Plan Of Attack

Plan your Fundraising in Advance

The more organised committees around Australia are already starting work on their fundraising plan for the year ahead.

Planning in advance means you can ‘hit the ground running’ and not spend the first couple of months of the year exploring and debating options.

Even if you don’t finalise your fundraising plan by the end of the year, you can at least do much of your fundraising research now and the final plan can be signed off in the new year.

Our Fundraising Directory website makes it easier to undertake your research. We list a large variety of fundraising ideas on our site, and just browsing through will give you a great deal of inspiration.

Make contact with suppliers of interest and ask them to send through some information. Fundraising suppliers are a wealth of information – they really are the experts on how to make the most money using their product so they will provide great support to you.

I recommend a mix of fundraisers that looks something like this:

  • 1 major event (such as a fete, family day or evening)
  • 1x product drive (anything from cookbooks, cookies, chocolates, seeds, lunchboxes),
  • 1x ‘something for the kids’ such as melamine plates, tea towels or calendars with children’s artwork (great at term 3 or 4 for Christmas)
  • 1x community building event such as a comedy night, trivia night, Christmas carols etc.
  • Mothers and Fathers Day stalls, free dress days, election BBQs and student disco nights are extras in the calendar.
  • Unlimited passive fundraisers that sit in the background, eg loyalty programs such as label fundraising.

So, take some time in the near future to visit and reach out to suppliers so you are armed with all the information you need to make 2018 the best fundraising year you have ever had!

Happy Fundraising!
Mandy Weidmann aka the Fundraising Whisperer

The original version of this article was first published in October 2015.

Originally published 22 October, 2017

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