Fundraising in Early Childhood

Welcome to Fundraising for Kindy and Child Care!

Congratulations! You have a child under five – you are now part of the wonderful world of early childhood learning and care.

This new chapter in your child’s life also opens a new chapter in yours: fundraising!

Whether you’re using a childcare centre, a community kindergarten or a government funded preschool, fundraising is practically a given. But don’t be scared off. In fact, embrace it. Both you and your child benefit. How?

  1. Fundraising with a specific goal will enable your child to enjoy improved facilities, equipment or amenities.
  2. By getting involved you get to:
  • meet other parents (invaluable for both stay-at-home or back-in-the-workplace mums and dads).
  • potentially sharpen or learn skills that can be transferred to the workplace (a bonus if you’ve taken time out to stay home with your child for a while).
  • See the pride in your child’s eyes! It won’t last forever, but for now, they love to see you around and being involved. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Success rides on great planning, decisions and choices. That’s why I created the Fundraising Directory in the first place and the comprehensive Practical Fundraising Handbook, that draws on my own experience and that of parents across Australia.

This series of articles pulls out some of the issues I believe are a ‘ must know’ for fundraising efforts within childcare/kindy/pre-prep groups, particularly:

  • how to plan a fundraising calendar that works
  • volunteering – what’s involved and how to get started
  • where to get support for your fundraiser
  • how to fundraise around the demands of littlies – when you’ve got little time to yourself
  • what to do when a fundraiser is over (something that’s often forgotten).

Fundraising in early childhood shouldn’t be something to dread. Together, we’ll reach your goals — and put the FUN back into FUNDRAISING!

Happy Fundraising!!

Mandy Weidmann a.k.a The Fundraising Whisperer



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