What fundraiser should we run on election day?

Reader question:

We are a small Kinder across the road from a Primary School. As they are a Polling venue they will be having a sausage sizzle and cake stall on election day. We (the Kinder committee) have been told that we can have some kind of fundraiser at the polling venue, as long as it’s not food (and presumably drinks also) If you had this opportunity what would you do?

Here are some ideas from our Facebook community on what fundraiser to run on election day:

  • A few of our community suggested something aimed at kids – jumping castle, lucky dips, show bags, lolly bags, face painting.
  • Perhaps a craft activity- painting rocks, spiral art paint, plaster moulds etc.
  • Sell tubs of homemade play-doh . You would be amazed how many you sell!
  • Raffle. Have cute kids rostered on to sell the tickets with you.
  • How about toffee apples or popcorn?

Another reader suggested a different approach:

  • Have done many election BBQ’s over the years and in my area there isn’t many kids coming along with parents to vote.
    I would be sure to aim something at adults as well. Raffles, 100’s board, car wash, cake stall (of this doesn’t interfere with the food restrictions). Personally, I would be going for a raffle. Get the items donated by local business, etc. This way tickets can also be sold outside of the voting day.
  • Jam store. A friends childcare did this at polling day and it was a huge hit!
  • Mini market or garage sale.
  • Second hand books and plant stall.
  • If they aren’t doing coffee, do that. We bought a pod machine and frother and it worked well, just practice beforehand. Or you can hire out barista machines if you have a qualified barista amongst you. We took orders to deliver to people in the line.
  • Add “A hundred club” – (a 100 Club is a form of private lottery.  The name refers to the number of subscribers are also defines the set number of lottery tickets available eg. 100 tickets for a 100 club)


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