Fun Stall Games – What’s in the Sock

Fun Stall Games

Here’s a fun idea for a fete stall or an interval game at a trivia night. This could also be a fun stall game for Sporting Club fundraising during a training night. Have a washing line set up with different socks pegged to it. Inside each sock will be an envelope. Inside each envelope will be written what their ‘special something’ is. A good ratio is 1:5 – one decent prize for every five token prizes.

Here are some ideas for the winning prizes:

  • Small toys such as high bounce balls
  • Pencils
  • Small bags of sweet treats
  • Magazines (contact publishers to see if they have recent issues to giveaway)
  • A ‘1 in 20’ chance to win a major prize drawn at the end of the day (eg a donated bike)
  • A voucher for a free face paint, showbag, ice cream, fairy floss (get permission from them first though lol!)

For the others, you can do a ‘Better Luck Next Time’ card, but I think we can use our imaginations and do better than that!!!

Here are some ideas for token prizes:

  • A ‘second chance’ – they get another turn!
  • A ‘different chance’ – they get a turn on another stall (you can swap entry prizes with other stalls)
  • A dare – get them to pull a face or run around the block
  • Get some ‘important people’ on board who agree to participate and hand out ‘I command you’ tickets. Your principal might agree to ‘dance like a monkey’ upon presentation of such a ticket!
  • For a fete, a ‘Jump the Queue’ ticket – (don’t hand out too many of these – it will frustrate the patient kids) where they can jump to the head of any line they like for the amusement rides (one use only!)

Fun stall games Bonus Tip:

Here is a variation to the What’s in the Sock that can make it extra fun for kids. Have 10 socks pegged, each with a ‘mystery object’ in it. To win a prize, entrants will need to guess the 10 objects on an entry form. Once they have guessed (it will be easy as word will spread throughout the day as to what the objects are!) then they can lucky dip for a prize envelope.

Lots of fun!

Happy Fundraising,

Mandy Weidmann

Publisher of the Fundraising Directory and author of the Practical Fundraising Handbook for School and Club Volunteers

Originally published 27 April, 2015

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