Fun Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Fun fundraising Ideas for kids

You won’t see any of these games at the next Olympics, but kids will love them.


Bubble blowing competition:

You can make this as elaborate as you like – ranging from a bucket and a bottle of detergent to full-scale wire contraptions.

Have a gold coin entry fee and award prizes for the largest bubble/the most bubbles/the longest lasting. You will need a fair number of judges, and a good eye or camera, as these beauties aren’t going to last long.

For an active game, give teams of two a minute to blow bubbles into a square. Another team has to pop all the bubbles as fast as it can. The quickest team to destroy all the bubbles wins.

These activities can also be linked to science topics (eg. surface tension).


Paperplane competitions

These are easy to organise. Again, they can involve a number of different competitions – the longest flight in time or distance, the closest to a target, the best decorated, whatever takes your fancy. Just stay out of the wind.

It’s a great starting point to talk about why those flying heaps of metal manage to stay up in the air and you might inspire some budding engineers.


Newspaper bridges

Another one for practical skills – this works best in classrooms with lots of desks. Get students to work in teams of two. Make 20cm distances between 2 desks. Students are given two large sheets of newspaper and 5 strips of sticky tape to make their bridge. The team who comes up with the strongest or most creative design wins (if you use a packet of M’n’Ms as the weight, it can also double as the prize).

Not all kids flourish at school. Yet some of the least academic kids will succeed the most in the outside world. I’m not saying kids shouldn’t study, but it’s not being wishy-washy to celebrate non-academic or sporting skills.


Gym Ball Soccer

Remember when everyone was correcting their posture with gym balls? That trend has passed (to my great relief), so ask around, see if anyone is willing to donate their rarely-used gym ball. See if you can find more than one.

The event is a game of gym ball soccer. Not to be played by real littlies, it’s best to be at least 1.5 times taller than the ball lest you end up donating the proceeds of the match to a hospital bill. Use an outside space or a hall with no windows…

I can’t really think of an educational tie-in to this one (core strength?!), but it’s fun.

Have a look at this video for a demonstration:


Happy Fundraising!

Mandy Weidmann

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Originally published 24 June, 2015

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