Fun Bell Friday – a wacky fundraising idea for your school

Fun Bell Friday

Fun Bell Friday is a great activity for schools or sporting clubs that have a common full-time bell and a great idea for some end of year fun.

It can work a number of different ways (limited only by your imagination), so we’re here to kick-start some wacky fundraising ideas that get your students excited.

Your school bell. It’s boring. How much more fun would it be to hear ‘Eye of the Tiger’ or ‘Dancing Queen’ (OK I’m showing my age here)? These days it might be ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams or a personal favourite ‘Life’s a Happy Song’ from the Muppet movie 🙂

Step 1: Get the powerful people to agree to have the bell replaced with a song for one day.

Step 2: Get the kids to nominate a selection of uplifting songs – the kind that makes you feel great and positive.

Step 3: Vote.

How does Fund Bell Friday raise money?

In case you didn’t pick up on the fundraising potential, Step 3 is where it’s at. Now… we can let our imaginations run wild! We’ve got a couple of easy, wacky fundraising ideas so students will get pretty excited about being saved by the bell.

Idea 1: Get students to bring in a gold coin. The class that raises the most gets to choose the song. (hint: invest in a coin counting machine)

Idea 2: Get students to bring in a gold coin. Have containers set up in a common area with each song written in it. The song that gets the most $$ wins. (hint: invest in a coin counting machine)

Idea 3: Combine it with a ‘stock drive’ for a fete or charity Christmas gift collection. For every contribution (for example a block of chocolate brought in), a token is handed out to that can be used to vote in the Fun Bell Friday competition.

Idea 4: Forget the $$$ and award tokens for good behaviour (hey, it’s Hogwarts!). Not the best fundraiser in the world but a pretty cool idea nonetheless!

One Brisbane high school had so much fun with this idea that they introduced it every Friday for the last few weeks of the year, with senior students choosing the songs. They didn’t even care about raising money, it was just great fun!

Originally published 7 Sep 2015

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