Fete program

12. Fete Program

For something that is a MUST, the fete program is often overlooked or left until the last minute.
A program provides the who, what, when and where of activities, entertainment, feature events and stalls.
As well as a map showing specific locations of stalls, and a timetable of the day’s entertainment, the program serves to publicly recognise sponsors.
fete program




The fete program deserves to be eye-catching and well-designed. Attempt to find a graphic designer within your community and try to offset the cost of production by asking your local printer to produce the program in exchange for being a sponsor, with their name in print. Flyers can be handed out on the day as people come through the gates and used to pre-publicise your event, in a letter-box drop.
QR codes (two-dimensional barcode images that, when scanned by a camera on a smartphone, open a link to a specific web page) or other scannable image technology are increasingly being found in magazines, advertisements and conference material. I foresee a big spike in their use by fundraising groups in the coming years. You could, for example, use a QR code on your flyer, opening to details of auction items, the entertainment schedule or a map (yes you guessed it, we use them at our school fete!).

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